Sewer & Stormwater

The sewer drainage system is the underground carriage system specifically designed for transporting sewerage and waste from kitchens, bathrooms, laundries, sinks and other components in your home or office buildings through pipes to treatment facilities or disposal areas.

It is very important that this system is maintained regularly and operational at all times otherwise it may cause blockages or flooding and many other nasty surprises.

Always contact a licensed plumber if you think you may have issues with your sewer, they can provide expert advice to ensure you get to the bottom of the problem. If left unattended this can lead to a much more serious problem such as requiring the excavation of your yard, driveway or garden beds which can become quite costly.

If your drains are continually blocking or you find that your drains are draining slowly we recommend a drain camera inspection. This is where we send a special camera down the line which will locate the fault or blockage and pin point its exact location. This takes the guess work out of finding drain problems and more accurate measures can be taken to rectify the problem.

At Tippings Plumbing Service were provide drain camera inspections using the latest CCTV technology. Our plumbing experts are able to view the footage and get photographic or video images all supplied on a USB.

The Stormwater Drainage System refers to any rainwater which runs off your roof, driveways and paths and runs underground into council water mains into our waterways. It is also important to maintain your stormwater system to ensure it is functioning at all times to prevent storm damage and flooding.

Like Sewer Drains Stormwater drains can often get blocked, dislodged, crack and even collapse over time and quite often need to be investigated.

High pressure jetting is also used on Stormwater pipework to unblock and clean drains and for more serious issues a drain camera is used to identify any blockages or breaks.