Leak Detection

The importance of Leak Detection:

A leaking pipe can sometimes be hard to detect and can often go unnoticed for some time as it may occur in an area that is concealed such as under a house or driveway or in a wall cavity which left untreated may cause cracks in walls, rising damp, movement and subsidence of a property.

An easy way of checking if you have a leaking pipe is to turn off all taps and appliances that use water such as dishwashers and washing machines etc and watch your water meter, if after a few minutes your water meter is still turning over chances are you may have a leak.

Other indications you may have a leak is damage to your walls or ceiling, a higher than normal water bill or experiencing lower than normal water pressure.

Leaking pipes need to be repaired promptly as they can result in major damage to your home or office in no time at all. If you suspect you may have a leak, firstly turn off your water at the meter and phone a licensed plumber.

We at Tippings Plumbing Service understand the need to act quickly and will always ensure your repairs are carried out quickly and efficiently.